Panty Guide

What type of panties should i be wearing?

Do you prefer pretty panties that’s quite revealing, or would you rather wear panties that covers a bit more and have a low leg cut?
We have listed the most popular models, which you can also find amongst our range in our stores.

Click on the headlines to see our range of bikini bottoms in that particular model.


Fully covering panties with short legs and a standard waist height.


Semi-covering panties that’s placed on the hip. Middle-high leg cut and a low waist.


Completely covering swimming skirt with built-in bottoms in brief model. Standard waist height.


Covering panties with a low leg cut and a high waist.


Fully covering panties with longer legs. Medium waist height.


Semi-covering panties with a slightly higher leg cut and a normal waist height. Classic panty model, which also goes under the name tai and tanga.