Care Guide

Always follow the washing instructions

Just like with regular clothes, swimwear and lingerie will last longer if you take care of the garment. These types of garments are often made in delicate materials, so it is extra important to be careful with the way you handle the garment.

It may seem obvious, but make sure you always follow the laundry instructions! If the washing instructions are missing, or if you are unsure, please take advantage of our general recommendations below.

Laundry instructions for lingerie

  • Always sort the laundry by colour and washing temperature.
  • Always follow the washing instructions contained in the garment.
  • Pre-treat stains and hard dirt.

Hand wash

  • Fill up the water. The water temperature should not exceed 40 degrees.
  • Carefully dissolve the detergent. Use liquid detergents if possible.
  • Use a colourfast detergent. (Lingerie often contains elastan. Elastan is a grey fibre that has been coloured white. When using detergents containing bleach, it grinds down the white colour and the grey start to appear. Therefore it is important to always use a colourfast detergent for white underwear.)
  • Wash gently, avoid pulling and twisting the garment.
  • Do not use softener. (Softener destroys the elastan threads and the garment becomes less elastic. The softener also reduces the ability of the garment to breathe.)
  • Rinse thoroughly. Detergent residues can irritate the skin.
  • A filled bra may need to be moulded into the cups before hanging on the dryer.
  • Lingerie should always self-dry.
  • If you wash a bra with underwire in the machine even if the instructions specify hand washing, you may risk deforming the bra, or the underwire may come loose. This is because the underwire material is not made to cope with warm temperature or with soaking for a long time.

Machine wash

  • Choose program 40 degree fine synthetic wash.
  • Always use a laundry bag, especially for bras.
  • Do not fill the washing machine too much.
  • Always close any clasps, so they don’t  risk getting caught in something.
  • Avoid using a drying cabinet or a dryer. (Heat dries out the threads).

Washing instructions for swimwear

Swimwear contains lycra / elastan. Since fabric swimwear manufacturers can not guarantee the life of lira / elastan products, we would like to provide you with the following advice to increase the life of your swimwear:

  • Always wash the swimwear after use, whether you have just sunbathed or bathed for a short while.
  • Rinse by hand with water, mild shampoo or liquid soap. Do not use detergents with bleach or softener.
  • Do not wash the swimwear in a washing machine or dry cleaner
  • Let the swimwear air dry. Avoid drying it in a tumble dryer, drying cabinet or in direct sunlight.
  • Don’t roll up wet garments without hanging it up first.
  • Don’t iron on the garment.
  • All colours fade in the sun, especially strong colours
  • Some solvents and other chemicals can damage the garment
  • High levels of chlorine in the bath water might damage your garment
  • May threadbare

Please be aware that swimwear usually last one or maybe two seasons depending on how much you use it and how careful you are taking care of it. Swimwear just like all other clothing and textiles are worn out and bleached if exposed to diligent use in sun and saltwater / chlorine water.